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The next Retreat : 13-21 Mai 2024

The retreat in Panama is suitable for people who want to eliminate the stress of the last years in which a series of toxic energies taken from the environment and stored in the inner structure have accumulated.

The location where the retreat will take place is one of the most beautiful in the jungle around Panama City. The location is right in the jungle and nearby is the coast of the Pacific Ocean, which offers an extremely long stretch, an unlimited peace without crowding.

The retreat in Panama is suitable for those who want to combine tourism in this wonderful area in the middle of pure nature and at the edge of the ocean with the satisfaction brought by the retreat and the shamanic ceremonies that offer the chance to know one’s inner self. Included in the retreat program are shamanic ceremonies with Ayahuasca that give participants the honor of coming into contact with an ancestral knowledge of shamans and that will provide unforgettable moments for each participant.

Discover yourself

The retreat will take place at the Istmo center in Panama, playa San Carlos. The center has bungalow-type cottages, each cottage having accommodation capacity for 2 people.
The center has its own kitchen and the food is local (coffee, milk, muesli, fruit, eggs, rice, salads, chicken fish, etc.).

Price 2650 €/person

50% of the amount will be paid at the time of reservation, and the difference will be paid at least one month before the trip. The amount paid will not be returned in case of cancellation of the trip due to the fault of the participants .The payment of the advance has the role of reserving the place in the retreat group. The person who no longer wants to participate in the retreat but has paid the advance can find another person to replace him.

* The price includes round-trip transportation to the jungle with two minibuses, food during the retreat, accommodation, guide services, translation services during the retreat, 4 Ayahuasca and Rapes ceremonies, workshops, guard and security services in the bungalow complex, short trips in the area, internet.

The price does not include transport to and from Panama, medical or travel insurance for each participant and he personally insures them as he wishes.

* To participate in the shamanic ceremonies, and for their effectiveness, it is recommended to observe the diet at least one week before the retreat. Avoid the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cheese, spicy food, red meat, sugar, spices, salt, onion, garlic. It is recommended to avoid stress, sex, negative emotions.

* The participants in the travel group must procure their own health and travel insurance, inform themselves about the conditions of the region regarding the climate, insects, conditions and risks specific to the Amazon jungle.

The participants of the retreat must take into account the fact that the destination location and ceremonies are in the jungle where the comfort is not similar to that at home or in the usual tourist locations. Thus, retreat means isolation and awareness of our interior, observing the thoughts, emotions and impulses of the person we have become.

*More details about the program and the trip will be communicated to those who participate in the retreat.

The average annual temperature is 25 degrees, even if it rains the temperature remains warm and pleasant.
During the retreat, Spanish and English are officially spoken. We have translators with us.

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