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Participating in a shamanic retreat has an important role in every person’s life. Such participation brings a big change in the way we see life or our role in it.

Participating in an inner retreat seminar is an opportunity to touch the inside of our soul and bring the answers we need from there. It is an opportunity to get to know each other better and to understand why we are at this point in life.

The shamanic ceremony means the action of the shamans to use sacred medicinal plants as well as their ancestral knowledge inherited from their ancestors to help people who need help and to call the spirits of nature to support them in this process.
The requested shamans take part in the ceremony, as well as a group of several people wishing to find answers to their personal problems.
Each shaman has his personal way of acting, but many elements are common in this process. In our ceremonies, the shamans use the tea called Ayahuasca whose effect can be amplified by Rape (a tobacco powder that increases the effect of the shamanic tea), but there will be no mixing with other shamanic products and we do not recommend the participants of our retreats to mix Ayahuasca with something else.

During the ceremony, absolute silence is maintained and maximum respect is given to the shamans, their work, the other participants, the entire environment. For anything necessary or any problem, the assistants are contacted who take care of everything necessary during the ceremony, in the hall, and regarding the participants.
For the integration of the shamanic experience, we have counselors ready to help and pay attention to anyone who needs it.

The actual ceremony starts at 20:30, but the preparations start at 18:00. The entire program of the evening will be communicated to the participants immediately after registration and payment.

The cost of participation :

Participation in 3 nights of ceremonies costs 175 euros/night of ceremony.
Participation in 2 nights of ceremonies costs 200 euros/night of ceremony.
Participation in a single night of ceremony costs 250 euros/night.
The price includes food and accommodation in the ceremony hall.

Payment takes place once immediately after registration to reserve the place. Two ceremonies will be scheduled one after the other, at the end of the week.

The amount paid does not cover the accommodation expenses and is not returned, but in case of non-appearance due to reasons that can be proven (illness, accident, personal event, etc.) a place will be reserved in another retreat seminar.

During the entire retreat, the participants can sleep in the ceremony hall or they can get accommodation nearby. The ceremony participation fee covers breakfast, water, fruit, and lunch but does not cover accommodation or other services/products. Participants can sleep on the mattress in the ceremony hall, but those who want a separate room must inform the organizers.Those who feel colder are recommended to bring extra beds and thicker clothes.

The participants in the shamanic ceremony are conditioned by observing the diet required by the shamans, because without the diet the effect of the sacred plants will be null, but above all it is about the respect given to the ceremony and these ancestral rituals. Each registration will be filtered personally and the organizers reserve the right to reject people they consider unsuitable to participate, and the amount paid will be returned.
*People using drugs (including legally prescribed drugs) will not be admitted to the ceremony under any circumstances.

Registration is done by :

  • email or by phone +49 176 81097082

*The location will be chosen depending on the period, duration and number of registered participants, and will be communicated only to the participants.

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There are no automatic reservations with us, but those that are made after your first personal contact with us by email:

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