Importance of the Icaros and their power

The importance of the Icaros

´´What are icaros and how they heal us.- The Icaros act and transcend by sonic vibrations, there is a subconscious knowledge of the great mystery that guides the Master Shaman to choose the most appropriate Icaros depending on the patient’s state. During healing rituals, plant brews are used that are ingested by Shamans, these traditional healers guide the ceremony, shape individual and collective energy, and care for group integrity. The Icaros shamanic magic chants help to metabolize the visions determining subjective contents in different levels of healing, guide us for work, love, health, well-being and self-exploration. At the same time in the real plane the Master Shaman detects the strength and spiritual energy of the patient. Ayahuasca in Peru: Ayahuasca in Amazon, Ayahuasca retreats, Ayahuasca in Cusco.

The importance of the icaros is that the Shaman immerses himself in the participant’s body, sees all that he has inside and heals through the icaros. The icaro shamanic magic chant is absorbed on a physical level by each member of the group in the Ayahuasca ceremony (in the healing ritual a psychoactive brew is ingested) under the effects of the potion. We can now understand more of the importance of Icaros or inner singing within the ceremonies, psychoactive effects are manifested, with different sensations extended to diverse existential situations and visionary perceptions that are lost under any circumstances. The description of the visions has importance in terms of sequentiality and explanation, expresses efficient results in the transformation of your life, that is to say when you change something or much of your life and you are no longer the same, you are better. Try our Ayahuasca retreats, Ayahuasca Amazon, Ayahuasca in Cusco. Ayahuasca in Peru.

Physical Effect

Cleansing through vomiting.- In the retreat of healing with sacred plants, the first sensation is the nausea of Ayahuasca; the participant experiences a need to vomit, along with perceptions of buzzing or vibrations. After various physical or mental manifestations, he tends to vomit within the session of Ayahuasca, expelling all negative energies and evils or spiritual manifestations. According to studies the vomiting is said to imply “to return, to expel or to take away from himself, in order to restore with different energy” that which has been absorbed in excess and does not belong to us or we have taken by mistake. This real mystery is a liberating experience, helping in detoxification, allowing physical and mental recovery. Ayahuasca Peru.

Therapeutic Effect

Importance of Icaros, Icaros for Ayahuasca Healing, Icaros Shamanic magic chants. There is a broad structural reorganization, learning, reconnection with spirituality accompanied by a rational understanding and at least partial integration of the subconscious contents that emerge. What is important is the release of deeply repressed affective-emotional contents from levels of subconsciousness, which allows its overcoming and conscious integration. Working with master plants such as Ayahuasca is a self-analysis, that skill emerges from within each patient on a symbolic form or expressing impressions of emotions and feelings of reality, different in each person. We can see and feel with certainty, the visions and sensations are very important for the treatment of each patient, the contents favor the evolution of the treatment and the solution of his problems. The results are very efficient and the rates of depression, stress, alcoholism and even unknown diseases are mostly eliminated through therapeutic work with ancient master plants. Ayahuasca Peru.´´

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