Peru Retreat 30 July-20 August 2023

..A spiritual journey..

Spiritual journey means that you discover why you came to this planet, what is your mission in this life, what you are doing wrong, why you got sick and what you can do, etc. When the shaman is a professional, he can help you change your destiny, remove life’s blockages, remove negative programs.

Participating in a retreat produces a 180-degree change in the person, especially at the inner level after participating in the magical ceremonies of the shamans. It’s like a restart that someone who has reached a deadlock needs.

Enjoy a Retreat Experience

Special spiritual Retreat:

From 30 July 2023 to 20 August 2023

Location: Peru,

A special Shipibo master Shaman: Master Asencia

´´I met master shaman Asencia in 2014 when I needed the help of a shaman and I turned to a person who knew real shamans from the Amazon jungle.
A few days later, at a distance of thousands of kilometers I felt how this person worked on me building an energetic protection, something I needed at that time.
Because I saw with my own eyes and felt with my body the shaman’s work, I gained great interest in this field, but above all I was interested in getting to know Asencia personally.
There are certainly other real shamans, and others are reincarnated all the time, master Asencia remains for me the master permanently kept in my soul, always thanking heaven for their existence, of these people who keep the link between our world and mother nature.
With a vast life experience in shamanic ceremonies, Asencia is actually an extension of a spiritual being that exists beyond this world.

I continue to keep in touch with master Asencia and her family and I learned many important things from her.

Master Asencia’s husband returned to the world of spirits a few years ago, she continued to work with her helpers and sons to whom she shared the secrets of her work.´´

Discover who you are

Ceremonies in a retreat, guided by a shaman whose spirit has a high frequency, become very effective, because on high frequencies (of light) they can help and work effectively the beings of nature and those of the higher spiritual worlds that are behind the creation of our world .

Participating in this type of retreat in Peru, with master Asencia, is necessary when you want to change something in your life, or have an important decision to make, or when inexplicable blockages are manifested, or when you have been a victim of black magic, or when you have to elucidate situations in your life that you have not succeeded in using other methods.

During a retreat, living conditions and food are precarious, so participants must know that they must adapt to jungle conditions. Also, during the retreat from Peru with master Asencia, the diet will be very simple and sometimes severe depending on how the shaman considers it necessary. A simple diet and little food helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins when the cleansing process takes place (Purge) with the help of plants.

The retreat and ceremonies in Peru guided by master Asencia will be special and the participants will benefit from the life experience of this wonderful maestro, a noble and ancient soul of light in the universe.

The group will be picked up from the airport by the people who work for maestra Asencia and they will be transported on the Amazon to the jungle where the Wasan Yaka health center is.

Accommodation will take place in rooms with 5 beds each (5 people in a room). The food will be vegetarian, but white meat (fish or chicken) is also allowed if there is someone who cannot give it up. Water and fruit will be available all the time. For washing and toilet there are conditions in the garden, in typical rural conditions.

The center is guarded during the ceremonies and there are no problems with insects inside, everything is already arranged.

The retreat of the Shipibo tribe in Peru does not receive more than 10 people, and during the retreat you can visit the nearby surroundings, including the area with dolphins and the jungle.
Every second day there is a ceremony after which the group sits and discusses what they experienced.

The rest of the details regarding the trip and the daily schedule will be communicated to the participants after registration.

The average annual temperature is 25 degrees, even if it rains the temperature remains warm and pleasant. During the retreat, Spanish and English are officially spoken. We have translators with us.

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Participation costs and conditions

Cost 150$/Day/Person

Group of maximum 8 people * Some of the people in the group will remain in the jungle until August 20. The rest will be able to leave earlier on August 10.

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On July30, he will leave by plane from Europa to Lima. In Lima we all meet and take a small plane to Pucallpa. On July 31, 2023 very early in the morning the group meets at the Pucallpa airport and we meet the guide who will take us to the means of transport and start the journey to the health center, which will take another 6-7 hours. In order not to have an extremely long journey, it is recommended to arrive from Lima to Pucallpa at least one night before and stay at a hotel/motel.

In this type of plane (to Pacallpa), only hand luggage is allowed, so it is preferable that you only have a backpack with simple clothes for the jungle.

On the August: 2th, 4th, 6th, 8th (every second day) we have ceremonies and in the following days we discuss the experience we had, we can visit the surroundings, the jungle and the place where the dolphins come, and we will have workshops with themes explaining where we come from, about our families cosmic, about karma and the reason for reincarnation, about what energy vampires are, about the role of life on Earth and why this planet was created.

On the return on the 10/20 August in the morning, the group leaves the jungle for the airport crossing the Amazon, accompanied by the employees of the Wasan Yaka health center. So don’t buy a return ticket with a departure earlier than 8pm.
The people in the group who are staying a few more days in Lima, and want to visit other destinations in Peru, can communicate this before the trip.

Detailed details about the program will be given to registered participants.


Prices include airport pick-up, round-trip Amazon transportation to the jungle, food during the retreat, accommodation and ceremony services, security services, help with the integration experience during the retreat.

The price does not include transport to and from Peru, medical or travel insurance for each participant and he personally insures them as he wishes.


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