Medical Information

Take care of yourself

Participating in a retreats with shamanic ceremonies is not suitable for certain people. So anyone with severe disease of any kind, for example severe diabetes, epilepsy, severe neurological disease, severe high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease such as angina pectoris, certain liver diseases or an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), anyone who has had a stroke , a heart or cerebral infarction, has tumors or brain surgery, should not participate in a retreat where there are shamanic ceremonies with plants such as ayahuasca.

As a rule, these categories of plants are used by shamans to obtain certain effects such as contact with their own soul or other disembodied spirits to obtain the answers they need, such as how to heal/help a patient. But shamans are special people who have a different structure than people affected by certain health problems.

We also do not recommend the participation of those suffering from medically diagnosed serious mental illnesses. (This does not mean that Ayahuasca cannot also have a great healing effect on these diseases. But the session should take place under medical/clinical supervision, which we cannot provide and guarantee in our retreats.

The plants tea should not be combined with certain other drugs, such as antidepressants, beta-blockers or antihypertensives; and not with drugs or alcohol.
When booking your desired retreat, you will be expressly referred to this “Medical Information” section, where you agree to comply with the prohibitions listed here – this is only for your own safety and well-being!

Before participating in a ceremony or a retreat, you must inform the organizers of your health problems or any other type of problem that may affect you.
Any non-compliance with these medical indications and unauthorized exposure to these experiences is done at your own risk and the organizers are exempt from any charges.

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The Natural Plant Medicines

Rapéh (spoken: “Há-pé”)

Caapi Tea (Uni)

The tribes have been using this tea since the very beginning of time. The caapi can help you to open up your conciousness. What has been hidden in the subconciousness can be reveiled, both the treasures as well as the shadows. The tresures are a blessing to receive and the shadows as well, they are an opportunity to transform them by bringing them in the light of compassion
and understanding. In that way we can set the energies that block us in daily life free to step by step life a life with more peace, more (inner) connection and more love. The Caapi is also a very beautiful teacher, it can teach you about life, about yourself about that where you have questions about. But most of all the caapi is a big mistery that will be slowly reveiled to each one drinking it.

Sananga (Kanapa Vetxexeketi)

Sananga is a eye-drop medicine, made from the bark of the root of a plant called Tabernaemontana genus. Sananga has various properties, it can help to heal the physical eye, improve eye sight, it can help to open the third eye, it illuminates subconscious mind patterns, it can “break” mental or emotional “loops” and it is used to relieve headache.

Take care of yourself

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Medical Information. The Natural Plant Medicines

Medical Information. Take care of yourself. The Natural Plant Medicines: Rapéh (Rume), Caapi Tea (Uni), Sananga (Kanapa Vetxexeketi). Shamanic Travel – explore the Shamanic Experience with us in Ayahuasca Retreats. We are in Top Destinations for Authentic Shamanic Ceremonies! Ayahuasca Retreats in Panama, Peru, Spain and Germany. Enjoy a Traditional Ayahuasca Peru Retreat at reasonable prices! All inclusive Shamanic Experience Packages providing a safe environment. Contact us NOW at +49 176 810970 82 for a Spiritual Shamanic Ceremonies!