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The role of this time ceremony offered to our clients by the shamanic team is to burn the old ties represented by everything we no longer want to keep: unpleasant habits, relationships we no longer want, unpleasant memories, a side of the character that we notice it in ourselves and we don’t want to keep it and whatever we think we want to eliminate from our lives.

The participant must clearly identify the type of problem he wants to remove from his energy field and this must be communicated in front of the fire and the circle of people who will surround the fire. The shaman team will communicate how the ceremony takes place and what everyone has to be aware of. The details of the participation will be communicated on the spot.

The ceremony takes place outside in the natural setting, that is outside the house in the open air, and will last at least 3 hours. After that, the ceremony continues with the music sung by the team of shamans so that those who wish can bring their own musical instruments. Water, cereals and fruits are provided for food.

Those who want to stay overnight must announce to reserve a room in the premises or they can sleep on the mattress in the hall belonging to the ceremony.

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Those who know the magical power of the shamans know that this type of ceremony is sacred, you don’t participate without keeping a diet and without having a clear intention/problem.

The sacred fire ceremony always takes place during the growing moon and near the full moon.

The sacred fire ceremonies take place with a maximum of 10 participants.

The participation fee is 150 euros and is paid at the time of booking the place in a ceremony. If there is no more space for the desired ceremony, enter the waiting list for the next ceremony.

The sacred fire and aura cleansing ceremony can also take place on Fridays or Saturdays at the request of the participants if they cannot on other days.

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