Terms and conditions

We are honored that you are interested in joining us
for a retreat experience and we would like to inform you about the conditions for participation in the retreat and shamanic ceremonies:

  1. Payment:
    1.1. Payment for the reservation of the place in the retreat is made at the time of booking the place in the group. The amount can be paid in full or 50% of the value at the time of booking, the rest of the amount to be paid at least one week before the start date of the retreat or ceremony.
    1.2. The amount paid is not returned because it is used to provide the advance required to reserve the location and to purchase/reserve various local services. If the retreat or ceremony is canceled due to the organizer or a local or international pandemic, then the retreat will be postponed. If the registered person wants to withdraw, he can find another to replace him.
    1.3. For intercontinental trips, it is recommended to insure the trip with the desired agency so that in case of cancellation the amount spent can be recovered (the cost of an insurance is around 105 euros).
    The retreat participant is responsible for being medically insured during the trips and for securing the retreat trip through the desired agencies.
    1.4. The retreat participation fee covers round-trip jungle travel expenses, group guides to and from the shaman’s health center, accommodation, food during the retreat, ceremonies, translation services, guard and security services, transport on Amazon .
    1.5.Retreat participation fees do not cover the costs of round-trip travel up to the meeting point with the group.

  1. Travel and retreat conditions:
    2.1. The accommodation conditions in a retreat assume the specific local conditions offered by the shamans in the jungle, as well as the diet required to participate in the ceremonies is imposed by the shaman and sometimes it can be very drastic because in this way the effect of the medicinal plants will be strong.
    2.2. A retreat is suitable for people who want to make a change in their life, for those who want to find important answers to a situation in their life, for those who want to discover why they got sick, etc. so that during the retreat it is mandatory to be quiet and not to disturb the other participants who are in their own process. Also, during shamanic ceremonies, silence is maintained and others are not disturbed in their own process that takes place during the ceremony.
    2.3. Telephones and all electronic equipment will not be used during the retreat except in emergency situations. The internet signal exists some distance from the health center. Do not talk on the phone in the health center and walk away from the group so as not to disturb others.
    2.4. Failure to respect the privacy of the other participants and the above conditions leads to exclusion from the group and from the health center and the expenses paid are not returned, the disturber being forced to leave on his own account.

  1. Medical conditions, food and diet:
    3.1. Any existing health problem is communicated to the organizer from the beginning together with the application for registration. This is necessary to be later communicated to the shaman and to decide the participation in the ceremonies and the conditions.
    3.2. Before, during and after the retreat, the necessary diet will be disciplined. Without: alcohol, drugs, spicy food, red meat, energizing or acidic drinks, sex, nervousness, dairy products. Daily meditation and observation of one’s own emotional states is recommended.
    3.3. During the retreat, the food will be in the form of a diet at the shaman’s recommendation. In the middle of the retreat before the middle ceremony, for a better effect of the medicinal plants, the shaman will recommend a drastic diet, meaning very little or no food that day. Those who consider that they cannot follow the diet must communicate this to the shaman.
    3.4. Women should avoid retreat and participation in ceremonies during the menstrual cycle, and must discuss this topic with the shaman.

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