Shamanic Retreat Spain and Portugal

  • Group of maximum 10 people !

Shamanic retreat in May/June in Spain, and in June in Portugal – 2023
Entry starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. You can participate even one day earlier if you want.

The shamanic ceremonies carry on their frequencies the sacred knowledge of nature preserved by each generation of shamans, until today.
Anyone who has participated in the evenings of shamanic ceremonies knows that every ceremony has something sacred, something mysterious and something supernatural in it.


A night of ceremony 250 euros.
The cost includes food and accommodation in the ceremony hall. Fasting is mandatory before participating in the ceremonies and you must follow the information announced below.
After registration, you will receive more necessary information.

Contact for reservation to:

Whatsaap 00491768 109 7082 or

*Before any registration, please read the entire text below to inform you about what shamanism is, about the conditions for participation in ceremonies or retreats. Click here:.

Part of the Shaman Team

Master Saman Sonia Tara and her team

Ceremonies with master shaman Sonia remain unforgettable!
The third eye is activated in those who are prepared, the priority problems of the soul become aware, the wounded parts of the soul are healed, answers can be found related to what interests us more.

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