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´´The Soare’S Art Association, through these retreats that organize them, has as its project the creation of a consultancy and social activities center in Spain. In this center we want to help as many people as possible who need guidance and social help. In this way, the qualities of the sacred Amazonian plants are brought closer to the Europeans who are in great need of healing their souls and correcting their lives as divine beings in the earthly experience.
Anyone who wants to join our activity helping together to heal our society and implicitly the planet is free to join because we really need help. We also need donations if someone is willing to support us. Donations will be registered and the donor will benefit from the services of the center when it is created, according to the amount with which he helped us.´´ S.Soare

With the donations for the project, mention the name, age and country:

SOARE´S ART, Targo Bank DE39300209005320667623 BIC: CMCIDEDD

Our Team in Germany and Spain..

Sergio – Shaman Medicine Man
Dilma – Shaman Medicine Women
Joseph – Shaman Medicine Man

Team in Peru and Spain

Santos – Master Shaman
Asencia and Santos – Shaman Masters
Wilder – Shaman medicine man

Team in Germany and Spain

Daniela – Dr.Psychologist
Mary – Assistant Healtcare
Severina – Psychological Counselor
Tony – Assistant
Madalina – Assistant and Translator
Michael – Assistant

“I had the honor of having contact with shamanic knowledge and the experience was beyond expectations. Although for over 10 years I have informed myself about shamanism and read many books, what I lived directly in the experience was explosive, difficult to describe but it was wonderful and gave meaning to my life at a time when life mine was a mess and seemed meaningless.”

S. Soare


Severina Soare

Organizer of retreats and guide in the integration of shamanic experiences.
Member of the Survival International association, contributing to jungle protection projects and the development of indigenous peoples.

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