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The ceremony of cleaning the bodily aura has the role of removing the residual energies generated by our daily activities in this world.

Just as we cleanse our physical body of the impurities acquired from our daily activities, so the aura of our spirit requires cleansing because it is our spirit that moves our body.
When the residual energy is not eliminated by other methods (walking barefoot, salt baths, walks in nature, etc.) it stagnates in the body and we have the feeling of a heavy body, we move slowly or we are not in the mood to enjoy life or for other activities.

When our aura is charged with residual energy, we have the desire to swim, to go to a water, to spend more time in nature, to go to a massage or to do sports.
When the residual energy is very high, then it can block or hinder the circulation of the entire energy system in the body and we feel powerless, lacking willpower, lacking the joy of life.
An aura cleaning is recommended at least once a year.

Enjoy Our Ceremonies

Those who know the magical power of the shamans know that this type of ceremony is sacred, you don’t participate without keeping a diet and without having a clear intention/problem.

The cleansing ceremony always takes place during the growing moon and near the full moon.

The ceremony takes place with a maximum of 10 participants in the natural setting, that is outside the house in the open air, and will last at least 3 hours. After that, the ceremony continues with the music sung by the team of shamans so that those who wish can bring their own musical instruments. Water, cereals and fruits are provided for food.

The participation fee is 150 euros and is paid at the time of booking the place in a ceremony. If there is no more space for the desired ceremony, enter the waiting list for the next ceremony.

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