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The shamanic ceremonies are all natural local medicinal plants, used for thousands of years by indigenous populations and have the role of cleansing the body of residual toxic energy, activating our subconscious to improve ourselves as a human being in relation to the environment and find the answers we were looking for.

For those who want to participate in a retreat, it should be mentioned that this should not be based on curiosity but the deep desire to want to change or discover something about yourself or your life and you cannot do it in the noise of the city. It is a call of the spirit, that is why it is called a spiritual call.
The retreat is not a tourist trip where you visit a place, but it is a trip where the place you are looking for is inside you, it is a part of you that you do not know and that you are preparing to meet, that is why your spirit is calling you.

And in order to hear your spirit, you must remain silent and remain observant of everything that happens. You have to keep quiet during the retreat and don’t forget that there are people who need quiet for a good contact with their inner self.
People who do not respect the instructions of the shamans to keep calm and who do not show respect for the ceremonies and for those present, will be removed from the ceremony area (or retreat) by the people who ensure the security of the place or even escorted out of the retreat area own risk. Any destruction caused to the space where the retreat takes place and any disturbance caused to the participants will be followed by the consequences and effects of local legislation.

In the case of our retreats, the shamanic element is added, which must be carefully analyzed before signing up.
Shamanism is not something easy to understand and each participant must document himself personally. The shaman, especially during the trance, is usually permanently connected to the spiritual, energetic world, the world of the causal universe where our spirits end up after the death of the body. The shaman is in contact with the beings of nature, those who take care of our natural environment, and can direct them where to go and what to do (I saw this in a ceremony where my 3rd eye was opened). The shaman can extract from you energies that do not belong to you, he can sing to make you feel good or you can take part in Purga (cleansing).

The experienced shaman does not need to know how to read and write, he acquires a vast knowledge from the beings of nature and from the spiritual environment from which he comes before his incarnation here. What shamans learn most from nature’s beings is respect and humility. That’s why don’t confuse shamans’ humility and dedication to serve with ignorance or inferiority. In reality, the most ignorant but also sick man is the one who displays pride, pride and self-praise.
The beings of nature are patient with us and seek to help us learn how to behave correctly, but especially how to find the way back to the spiritual homeland, something that only happens through the frequency of love. And here experienced shamans can be of great help.
Shamans are not all the same, like spiritual evolution, like age in the universe, like knowledge, like wisdom. And in this sector there is a stage of growth, competition, and hard work.

When he is during a ceremony (but often outside the ceremonies) the shaman is energetically connected with other energy fields, so if you want to get in touch with him and ask him something, you must address him with respect, calmly and patiently because it is possible for him to hear you but not answer you because he is busy capturing a message that you do not see.
It is harmful (both for you and for him) to upset a shaman, to behave disrespectfully, to talk a lot and pointlessly, to manifest non-stop your ego of European arrogance, the pride and insensitivity that the European is used to.

A life in which the Ego manifested itself by caring only for itself, by unforgiveness, by arrogance and bad thoughts/feelings/done to others means the accumulation of a layer of low-frequency energies that, when participating in ceremonies, can come to the surface in the form of visions monstrous. However, this type of unpleasant visions take place at the beginning, in the first ceremonies, until the layer of low energy dissipates.

During ceremonies in which there are visions or strong awarenesses that you cannot manage alone, it is advisable to ask for the help of the people who are there to help and even the help of the shaman.

Participants must know that you cannot choose what comes to the surface when you open the door to the unconscious, ingesting ayahuasca tea or even the ceremony itself can bring out the best memories, but also deep traumas – and in the worst case they can trigger psychoses .

In 99% of the cases that participated in shamanic ceremonies, the experience was pleasant and full of awareness, even giving up addictions, understanding one’s own errors, changing the negative way of thinking, reconciling with family members or the people with whom they were in relationships of enmity, etc. But there were also cases in which the person developed psychosis, had aggressive and even violent manifestations towards shamans or those present, the hatred and aggression stored for a long time in the subconscious can come to the surface and take control. In any of these situations there are consequences that follow and we must become aware of this.

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For these reasons, the diet that takes place before participating in the retreat also includes avoiding conflicts, stress, sex, arguments, nervousness, and it is recommended to observe the way we think and see life, how harmoniously we relate to what is around us. Evolution and inner harmony are not received from somewhere, but we build them step by step by adjusting our own mentality. Because the mental stage is the one that will open the frequency of the world to which we correspond when we leave this body.

Those who participate in shamanic rituals and wish to participate in ingesting decoctions of healing plants such as Ayahuasca, Rape or Tabaco, for a beneficial effect of the tea, it is recommended that a month or at least a week before (before and after the retreat) keep the diet and not consume red meat, alcohol, drugs, fats, spicy, onion and garlic, avoid stress and methotional crises, do meditation often for internal harmonization.

For the participants of the retreat in Peru, the diet will be very drastic in order to benefit as much as possible from the effect of the ingested medicinal plants.

Menstruating women must announce this. As well as people who are under medical treatment.
Participation is not allowed for people who are diagnosed with mental illness, are under psychiatric treatment, have undergone brain surgery or heart attack, have blood pressure problems and are sensitive. Regardless of the state of health, the ingestion of shamanic teas is done at your own risk.

Participants in shamanic ceremonies, regardless of their nature, can bring personal belongings of their loved ones or amulets that will be cleansed and blessed during the ceremony.

In the ceremonies with Ayahuasca, awareness or visions may appear regarding information that we want to know, for this reason it is good to prepare ahead of time the subject to which we want to have answers.

The retreat locations are on the South American continent where the climate and environment are different from what we are used to.
So there is a humid climate, with frequent rains, the jungle is living nature and therefore there are many insects and other living things. In the jungle, there are no paved roads or mechanized means of transportation, nor the comfortable conditions that the European is used to.
A retreat means getting in touch with nature, so silence, disconnection from mobile phones and any other technology that is not allowed in the ceremony space is recommended, respect for the host and what he offers is recommended.

*If a participant wants to leave the ceremony or the retreat earlier than the end of its period, the amount paid will not be returned, and the return expenses will be borne from their own pocket.

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The Natural Plant Medicines

Rapéh (spoken: “Há-pé”)

For the tribes from the rainforest Rapéh (or also called Rume) is the principal medicine. It’s the medicine that gives security and that has the strongest healing power. Made of the master plant Tobacco it is used to pray with, to purify and center oneself and to bring healing to both oneself and others. Being together with the Yawanawa or the Huni Kuin, one can really study this medicine and go trough strong experiences with it, if one feels the calling. More info about this traditional medince here: https://katukina.com/doc/rape

Caapi Tea (Uni)

The tribes have been using this tea since the very beginning of time. The caapi can help you to open up your conciousness. What has been hidden in the subconciousness can be reveiled, both the treasures as well as the shadows. The tresures are a blessing to receive and the shadows as well, they are an opportunity to transform them by bringing them in the light of compassion
and understanding. In that way we can set the energies that block us in daily life free to step by step life a life with more peace, more (inner) connection and more love. The Caapi is also a very beautiful teacher, it can teach you about life, about yourself about that where you have questions about. But most of all the caapi is a big mistery that will be slowly reveiled to each one drinking it.

Sananga (Kanapa Vetxexeketi)

Sananga is a eye-drop medicine, made from the bark of the root of a plant called Tabernaemontana genus. Sananga has various properties, it can help to heal the physical eye, improve eye sight, it can help to open the third eye, it illuminates subconscious mind patterns, it can “break” mental or emotional “loops” and it is used to relieve headache.


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Ayahuasca Diet Before Retreat. Yage Diet Before Retreat

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